Selective Translations

Key features:

  • Translation of selected sections or content of a document
  • Proven quality assurance procedures to ensure translation accuracy
  • Can be supplied in a variety of formats and output options

A ‘Selective Translation’ can include the translation of tables of contents, lead paragraphs, abstracts, conclusions etc, or alternatively, the identification and translation of sections of key interest to the client.

When is a Selective Translation appropriate?

  • When you know what the document is about but need to extract only certain information from it. You define what you want to know or the subject matter of relevance, and we will identify and translate the appropriate sections.
  • When you want to know what the general content of a document is, yet a full translation would be too expensive or time consuming. The translation of table of contents, headings, summaries etc. is recommended in this case.

Advantages of a Selective Translation:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Selective Translations represent a considerable cost saving over full translations & maximum value for money as you pay only for the information you need.
  • Time Saving: Selective Translations are produced much quicker than full translations.
  • Translation Upgrades: Upgrade to a full translation later is available if required.

The benefits Pacific International Translations offers:


With over 20 years in the business we know when a selective translation is appropriate, and we have the translation processes to ensure it will be done to professional standard.

Translation Accuracy

Selective Translations are subject to the same care, checks & proofing processes as any other translation. We start by using only the best available translators in each language, and our QA processes include a peer review of each translation by a second translator to confirm accuracy and quality of wording.

Wide Acceptance of our Work

We are widely known, with a solid reputation for professional standards. Our work is accepted and valued by all government departments and agencies, and numerous companies and organisations in New Zealand